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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Phish Companion

Today, I got my copy of "The Phish Companion." It is a very extensive book and is perfect for my searches for new shows. I have maybe 500 or 600, but there is always room for more. The book is laid out a lot like "Deadbase," which is a Grateful Dead compendium. The Phish book has lots more in it that looks very reader friendly. It is huge!

I have to make a playlist for the labor and birth of our son. Eliz does not want "Limb by Limb" or any songs that jam too hard. That is almost impossible to do. I mean, I can add "Waste" and "Strange Design" and maybe "Joy." But, I mean, come on, don't you think that a wicked jam could speed things up and make one feel joyous and open, like when you listen to it or when you are at a show. I have a lot of good ideas, but if you have some, let me know. I am open to suggestions. I think I am going to make it about 50 songs or so, only Phish. I mean, I could go outside the band and add a bunch of mellow stuff, but if it gets too much, we can always turn it off. We are using a mid-wife, so I am hoping that the birth goes very smoothly. Eli is kicking Eliz like crazy lately and he is moving around a lot. Last night, she was reading a magazine and you could see Eli kicking the magazine off of her stomach. That is awesome. Every time I try to take a video, nothing happens. She is big and it must be so uncomfortable. I cannot wait until he is born--it is so exciting.

One final thing, I ordered a "Lizards" shirt and a "Maze" hat off of a dude on Ebay. They look awesome. He has a ton of hats, including "Slave" and "Fluffhead." I am not sure if he has other shirts but he is giving away a free poster with every purchase. I have three Phish hats and love them all. I am psyched to get the new one. It looks awesome and it is a flex-fit, which is great. If you are interested and can't find the site, let me know. I think it is pompeiiprints. He is easy to deal with. Hope you are doing great. As always, thanks for reading.

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